An Environmentally Friendly Company
Gandalf is a European sophisticated and  supertechnological
in tank fuel saver,  available at a cheap price.

More fuel saving power at a lower price.
The Corporate Mission

Mankind’s technological progress is often through the improvement of old technologies believed to be unchangeable.

For example, men have been using wood to light fires and keep warm since Prehistory. Until just a few years ago, nobody would have imagined that wood combustion could become much more efficient and less polluting. Nevertheless, gasification stoves have really enhanced wood combustion efficiency: stoves can stay on for up for to ten hours without being fed, pollute much less and produce very little ash because nearly all the wood gets burnt.

Even the misunderstood magnetic and infrared ray fuel conditioning technology has made considerable progress over the decades and Gandalf Technologies Marine Systems was established through this progress: technology, patents, experience, customer orientation, different solutions applied to problems for different ships and yachts.

Gandalf Technologies Marine Systems has transferred and adapted this technology from terrestrial to marine engines. Improving combustion and reducing diesel marine engine emissions is our mission. No other company in the world has made so many pre-combustion retrofit installations as we have with no technical counter-indications.

Benefits for ship owners are both economic and environmental.

The continuous cleanness of combustion chambers and injectors due to our technology reduces ship and yacht consumption and maintenance needs.

Marine engines consume so much that just a few percentage points of fuel saved can make a substantial difference in the income statement of ship owners' companies.

High particulate abatement is a "free" by-product of enhanced combustion. In brief, we have eliminated the black smoke coming out of ship funnels .

Yacht owners can improve their vessel's comfort and “pleasure”  with small investments compared to the value of their vessels, with a short payback period.

Large passenger and transport ships can offer passengers and crews a much healthier vacation and working environment.